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Besides snacks, Frito-Lay products make the perfect meal compliment. Whether it’s with a sandwich, tacos, or something outside the box, our products are here to add a little fun and excitement to your menu. We pride ourselves in being an outstanding partner for restaurant operators and can provide comprehensive support in bringing joy to your dining guests.

The perfect brands and flavors for meal pairing

We have a portfolio of snacks that both appeal to consumers and help bring meals to life. Our Miss Vickie’s brand has been developed specifically for foodservice. Since it’s humble beginnings, Miss Vickie’s continues its commitment to community and nurturing local businesses. In 2019, Miss Vickie’s and PepsiCo Foodservice launched the PartnerChip program to support small- and medium-size restaurant operators in addressing their biggest business challenges.

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Create a buzzworthy menu with culinary innovation

Our FLAVORWORKS® group is a team of chefs, researchers, innovators, and food scientists dedicated to creating the next, newest, most post-worthy meals anyone has yet to imagine. With our network of Frito-Lay kitchens in 9 different countries, we apply global insights, culinary ingenuity, and a pedigree of fun food to turn known and loved tastes into moments no one sees coming.

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