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Meal bundling is key driver of chip incidence

Meal bundling is key driver of chip incidence

Combos are not only desirable to consumers for monetary value, but also convenience. Most people are driven by convenience. If combo meals are displayed first and it took more work to get to individual menu items, it is more likely that people just order the combo. They’re particularly appealing to millennials; 64% of millennials responded that they often order combo meals at lunch.

In studies, we’ve seen single-priced combos, which are pre-built menu items with a single price, yield +8% chip incidence vs. add-on pricing, which asks guests to build up the combo themselves.
Source: PepsiCo Digital Labs

For bundling ideas check out our Sandwich Pairing Playbook for the perfect chef-crafted pairings!
Different packages of brands of healthy snacks

Better For You

The results are in – better for you snack options are projected to mature to into $13B market by 2023. Are you ready to ride the better-for-you wave? With four of the top better-for-you brands in the market, Frito-Lay is here to help you grow incremental sales.
Source: FLNA Analytical Insights Foundation 2019

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Different packages of brands of intense flavors

Intense Flavors!

Looking to spice up sales? Recent studies have shown that intense flavored snacks are heating up the salty snack space. 96% of salty snack Growth is coming from Flavor. Make sure you are stocking up on Intense, Cheese and Tangy flavors
Source: IRI POS Ttl MULOC 3 YR CAGR Ending 2019

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